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Women's accessories

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How accessories became themselves

If you dig a little into history, it immediately becomes clear that fashion accessories initially served a purely utilitarian function. Belts, which originate from the belts, supported clothing, gloves and scarves with scarves protected from the cold, as did hats, which, moreover, could protect from the sun, and wallets were simply bags for storing coins.

But gradually people came to what we have now: the same belts, gloves, girdles, glasses, scarves, etc. turned into stylish accessories that a rare fashionista or fashionista can do without. And stylists almost always advise complementing the look with some accessories, since they are often the component that “ties” the clothes into a single ensemble.

Women's accessories from fashion brands - a necessity for a fashionista or just smart marketing?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. After all, you can buy accessories in a regular store, and not for a lot of money, and at the same time they will fit well into your image. But girls who are accustomed to things from fashion brands often buy accessories from the same designer, although he does not promote them. So it's more about brand love than marketing.

In addition, if a designer releases a clothing collection, then the accessories will match it. And you don’t have to figure out what to combine with what. Therefore, branded accessories also save time on putting together a wardrobe. Well, the quality is, of course, up to the mark.

Where to buy branded accessories?

If you have a limited budget, but want to have an Hermes belt, Gucci glasses, an Emilio Pucci scarf, and Dolce & Gabbana gloves in your wardrobe, then consignment stores of branded items will come to the rescue. One of them is The Originals.

We work only with accessories from the luxury segment, so you can be sure that quality for reasonable money is possible. Where do we get things from? It's simple: they are given to us for sale by celebrities and simply wealthy girls who change their wardrobe very often. In addition, the trend for conscious consumption increasingly calls for the fact that if an item is in good condition, then it can be resold and please another new owner.

The process of selecting items consists of the following stages:

we check the item for authenticity;

then we evaluate the condition (new, in perfect, very good, good and satisfactory condition);

we take detailed photos;

We describe the product and put it up for sale.

Therefore, if you not only want to buy branded items inexpensively, but you also have your own that you would like to sell, contact us. And we will help make another person’s dream of owning a real treasure from a famous designer come true.