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Mass-market brands


Damaged or stained items

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Quick and convenient

Simply the most convenient resale process: free pick up, photographing, professional evaluation, authentication, measurements and description for the site, selling and delivering to the buyer

Its profitable

Earn up to 85% of the selling price

Invest in circular economy

By keeping your items on the market, we increase their lifecycle and decrease its negative ecological footprint by 80%
Instant sale We may buy your bags for cash instantly
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How do you collect my items?

Leave your request here.

Our manager will get in touch and arrange a free pick up of your items for evaluation.

How do you price the item?

Our pricing strategy is dynamic and depends on:

  • - brand;
  • - current trends;
  • - market value;
  • - product condition;

We are determined to sell your items at the highest possible rate on the market.

Our team will make an offer with the highest market price for both, instant sale and consignment.

What is your commission?

Our commission depends on the price of the product - the higher the price the lower the commission.

The commission covers the services like: all the delivery costs, professional photography, authentication by our experts, professional content creation.

Learn more on the commission rates link.

What brands do you accept for consignment?

We sell premium and luxury brands.

The main list of brands is available on the website 

What items do you not accept?

We DO NOT accept:

  • - forgeries and replicas;
  • - damaged or stained items
  • - mass-market brands.

How do you discount my items?

Our goal is to sell your item at the highest possible market price.

We keep the original price for two months and do not discount your items.

We analyze the popularity of your item on the market and reserve the right to apply a gradual discount up to -40% for the clothing, -30% for bags and other categories.

If my product turns out to be a replica?

If the item was not recognized as the original by our authentication team - we will send it back at the expense of the seller after the coverage of our authentication fee of 15 Euro.

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