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Cold protection

The season of knitwear and cozy knitted cardigans is being replaced by the time when you want to dress warmly or not leave the house at all. And if the first can be easily managed with the help of coats and jackets, then staying at home is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Therefore, having caught the first chill, we understand that the warm season is over and it’s time to either buy a jacket or buy a coat.

Women's coats today are an unshakable classic. One could argue that women's jackets are no worse, and they are easier to care for, but if a woman wants to look respectable, she most often wears a coat. Cashmere coats are especially prized. But if you love animals, then today you can find coats made from artificial materials that will provide just as much warmth, and may even be superior in appearance.

A winter coat made of faux fur is generally a trend for several seasons. And, given the trend towards environmental friendliness and ethics, it is not going to give up its position.

The leather coat also systematically goes in and out of fashion. If previously leather clothing required animal skin, now they create excellent artificial leather that is indistinguishable from natural leather. The Nanushka brand is an example of this.

A leather jacket is also a classic, only the styles change. But the biker jacket, it seems, will not go out of fashion for a couple of seasons for sure. So if you come across a biker jacket with a laconic design, you can safely buy it. It has already become almost a basic wardrobe item. A denim jacket fits into the same concept.

A women's windbreaker is not a must-have item. It protects from the cold no better than a warm cardigan. Unless it protects from rain and wind if it is waterproof.

Where to buy a branded coat inexpensively?

If you are looking for stylish coats from world-famous designers, but are not ready to pay thousands of dollars for them, we recommend paying attention to branded clothing consignment stores. Yes, there are such people. But if there is no such store in your city, then you can go to The Originals website. We deliver items throughout the country.

The Originals are:

authentic luxury brand items that have been worn a couple of times;

this is a detailed description of the condition of the goods with all its defects, if any;

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This is the sale of your branded items if you decide to part with them.

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