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Branded women's clothing: how to dress stylishly

Clothing dictates behavior, and for a woman, appearance is of particular importance, which is why it is so important to correctly create your own image, depending on your mood and circumstances. Designer women's clothing is practically a win-win option, because in any situation it allows you to feel comfortable and look stylish.

Why choose brands

Choosing quality over quantity is a conscious choice. Thanks to the careful selection of items, a woman's wardrobe becomes a jewelry box in which every item is exclusive and beloved.

A thoughtful cut, the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship of tailoring guarantee that the item will fit well on the figure, the stitching will be even, the decorative elements will be harmonious, the fittings will be tightly fastened, and the color of the leather will be uniform. And even after numerous cleanings and washes, such dresses, suits, skirts, cardigans, blouses, jackets, coats will not lose their appearance and attractiveness.

Fashion houses follow new trends, but always remain true to style, so collections from past seasons do not lose their relevance for a long time. In addition, vintage is becoming more and more popular - the well-forgotten old, it is again in fashion and is widely represented in women's designer clothing in recent years.

Which brand should you prefer?

Each brand has its own unique face. Many top fashion houses trace their history back to the last century, preserving traditions and reinterpreting bestsellers - Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton. The line of these brands was continued by different designers, while the fall was always followed by the rise, which makes them a legend.

But only a limited circle of people can afford elite haute couture women's clothing, which is why now almost all companies operating in the fashion segment produce premium-class products. It is distinguished by high quality production, is developed by a specific fashion designer and retains the main features of the brand. These include Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Etro, Fendi, Missioni, Kenzo, Valentino.

Also, over the past decades, many new names have appeared on the fashion firmament, which gained their popularity and recognition thanks to the skillful use of social networks and the possibilities of collaborations with popular designers, musicians, and artists. Such branded clothing for women and men - from Maje, Jacquemus - is increasingly the choice of the younger generation. It is less expensive, but it attracts the name of the designer and founder of the company, who understands modern trends in his own way.

How to choose women's clothing depending on your figure

When choosing clothes, it is important that it hides the flaws of the figure, emphasizing the advantages. For an hourglass look, fitted dresses, suits and shirts will highlight a pronounced waistline, and high-waisted models will be the optimal trousers. For pear-shaped women, on the contrary, it is better to avoid high-waisted trousers.

For a female apple figure, it is better to choose long, loose shirts and oversized sweaters; for women with a Y-shape, wide trousers and flared skirts are suitable.

Advantages of reselling branded women's clothing

The assortment of fashion houses changes every season, but this does not mean that coats or dresses from seasonal collections of past years have lost their relevance. Reselling luxury designer items gives a second life to iconic items, and this is a global trend associated with conscious consumption and an ethical attitude towards nature.

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