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Women`s Glasses

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The finishing touch: branded eyewear reflects personal style

Luxury optics speaks of the perfect taste of its owner and reliably protects the eyes from the sun's rays. To demonstrate the status and protect the eyes from ultraviolet light, women's brand glasses — must-have of your wardrobe.

Classic VS fashion trends 

Modern sunglasses come in countless variations from frame size and shape to lens color. When choosing, designers recommend starting from the style of clothing.

  • Aviators. Glasses with a thin metal frame and drop-shaped glasses suit almost everyone. Migrated to the world of fashion from the ammunition of military pilots, they favorably complement the minimalistic female images in casual style. 
  • Cat's eye. Pierced-up frames were at their peak in the 1950s, and today is in demand among fans of retro style.
  • Wayfarers. The classic plastic-framed model with a wide top rim and jet black lenses remains one of the most recognizable and popular. The branded accessory demonstrates good taste and adds a certain amount of solidity to the image.
  • Tishades. Round glasses with thin metal frames and black, mirrored or translucent lenses — a choice of natures who prefer layered silhouettes and bright boho outfits.
  • Dragonfly. Volumetric lenses in a frame tapering at the bridge of the nose and expanding towards the outer edge, — option for brave and determined women. A playful and at the same time elegant brand model, although it looks very outrageous, it provides fashionable women with reliable protection of the skin around the eyes from premature wrinkles. 

Luxury and quality 

Any model of women's branded sunglasses is not just a stylish and status item, but, first of all, reliable eye protection from the sun.

The Benefits of Luxury Brand Optics: 

  • The production uses advanced technologies and high-quality materials: plastic, galvanized metal, optical mineral glass or polarizing polycarbonate. 
  • High quality filters reliably protect the cornea and lens of the eye from harmful UV radiation.
  • The frame's thoughtful design ensures a perfect fit and comfort while wearing, without squeezing your temples or flying off your head.

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