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Hi, we are REOriginal, your new home for authenticated luxury.

We believe that fashion is timeless and we are here to extend the life of your luxury pieces.

REOriginal is founded to make the process of resale as seamless as possible. Our full-scale business model simplifies the resale process and makes it completely hussle-free. No need to research the price for your items, proving authentication, photographing, writing descriptions, or chatting about its characteristics - REOriginal lives to do it for you.

Our professional team of experts with years of experience in luxury are on alert.

We are passionately determined to provide unprecedented service for our sellers and buyers, to make you look as great as you feel from your experience with us.

What we stand for

- Sustainability

We do not have a spare life to live it more beautifully, nor do we have a spare planet Earth (yet). Our love of fashion inspires us to create and dream, but we have learnt that the ecological footprint it leaves is disturbing. In REOriginal we know the world cannot give up on fashion, but we also know that slowing down overproduction is the answer.

- Community

In REOriginal we are the community of fashion lovers who believe that sustainable consumption can be as pleasant as shopping in the best fashion houses. Every member of our community invests in the circular economy by keeping their fashion assets on the market for longer. We are here to support and honor each other in this beautiful journey.

- Trust

“Originals only” is our daily mantra and trust is our highest value. In REOriginal every listed item undergoes the rigorous examination by the professional team with over 10 years of experience in luxury fashion. We are determined to be your safest and most reliable way of buying pre-loved luxury.

- Care

Caring and sharing is in our DNA. During the lifetime of our project together with our clients we have been raising for many charitable causes. At these times we stand with Ukraine. Having started our journey in Kyiv, a large part of our team is still located there. Many of the sellers, the fashion icons then - are now greatly affected by the war. By making a purchase on our platform you already help those whose luxury assets may flourish in a new home. We also support a trusted Ukrainian charity fund to support children suffering from war and their families. Learn more via the link.

Our founders

Constantine Kostur
Olga Kedyk

For Buyer

We are committed to creating a safe and impeccable experience for your luxury shopping. Every single item on the platform undergoes a rigorous process of authentication by our team of professional experts with over 10 years of experience in luxury fashion.

For Seller

Our goal is to simplify the hustle of selling for you. Our goal is to make the process of resale completely hassle-free for our clients. Ready to sell? Make an appointment with our concierge and we will arrange everything in the most convenient way. You will not have to worry about evaluating, photographing, or delivering your item, we are happy to be of your service. Your iconic pre-loved items deserve a new story and we are here to write it together.