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Branded women's bags - timeless fashion

Bags from famous brands are another must-have in the wardrobe of true fashionistas. Girls are willing to wait in line for months to get a hand-sewn Birkin or Kelly bag. And exclusive copies of other brands are sold out in a matter of hours. So why are designer bags so popular?

If we talk about the same Kelly and Birkin, then they owe their popularity to Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, as well as the brand’s marketing strategy and the difficulty of obtaining crocodile skin without a single scratch. And two-color bags of these models are generally produced in limited quantities. Fun fact: some customers forget that they ordered them while waiting for these bags.

These two bags in particular have already become unshakable classics, like the Chanel quilted bag. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to buy such a bag, then it will serve you for many years without going out of fashion.

As for more democratic brands (the same Michael Kors, Furla or Prada), they often update their lines. And here you have more chances to buy a bag. In addition, you can find inexpensive branded bags in thrift stores.

Bag hunt

What should fashionistas do who want to buy a branded bag, but, either because of the price, or because of the exclusivity of the product, such an item is not available to them?

In this case, specialized stores that sell original bags using the resale system will come to the rescue. Nowadays, the movement for conscious consumption is gaining popularity. And looking for things in thrift stores is no longer shameful, but on the contrary, it’s fashionable. Plus, if you've landed on The Originals website, we can assure you that it's not at all like going to the usual second-hand stores. Our differences are:

Only luxury segment bags.

Strict authentication and condition assessment of the bag.

Detailed photos and description of the product.

In general, we are no different from online stores of new brand bags in almost any way: you calmly choose the model you like, place an order and receive your Prada bag (or any other) in a place convenient for you.

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Marc Jacobs;

Louis Vuitton;


Miu Miu and other bag brands.

If you are the owner of a designer bag that is a little boring and would like to exchange it for something else, you can sell your handbag through our website by simply filling out the item return form.