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Women's Beachwear and Swimwear

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A little history of swimsuits and beachwear

Until the 19th century, people didn't really need bathing suits. Women and men bathed separately, so undershirts were enough to cover their bodies from prying eyes.

But with the advent of railway traffic, people flocked to resorts. And here the question of clothing for swimming has already arisen, which would correspond to the canons of decency. This is how the swimsuit came into being. For women it consisted of a mid-knee length dress and trousers, and for men it consisted of underpants and a top that hid an “indecently” hairy chest.

The Second World War made its contribution. Savings have become widespread, including in the textile industry. And manufacturers of women's swimsuits found a way out: they released two-piece swimsuits, one of which was panties covering the navel, and the second was a bra.

Mechanical engineer Louis Réard, who headed the family lingerie business, created a real sensation by releasing a swimsuit that exposed the navel. It was the famous bikini. Since then, almost all swimsuit models have been named with the ending “kini”.

Fashionable swimwear: types and types

By type, swimsuits are divided into closed and open. The closed one is often called a “one-piece swimsuit”, and the open one is often called a “two-piece swimsuit”.

By type, swimsuits are divided into:

Bandini (one-piece swimsuit with a waist-length bodice and strapless).

Bandeau (separate or one-piece swimsuit with a strapless bodice).

Bikini (two-piece swimsuit with small panties and a bra with thin straps).

Maillot (closed swimsuit with sewn straps and a square or V-neck).

Monokini (one-piece swimsuit with deep cutouts on the sides).

Plange (closed-up swimsuit with deep cutouts in the front and back).

Swim dress (almost a swimsuit with any top and a small skirt).

Tank (both closed and open swimsuit with one-piece straps).

Tankini (two-piece swimsuit with a tank top and low briefs).

Halter (closed or open swimsuit, the straps of which are tied or fastened at the neck).

Beachwear - a whim or a necessity?

No matter how beautiful your figure is, there are places where showing it off is considered bad manners. And this is not only access to the city.

For example, while relaxing on the beach, you wanted to go to the nearest cafe. In this case, beachwear comes to the rescue. Most often this includes a beach dress, tunic or pareo. Beachwear allows you not to change your whole outfit, but simply cover up your swimsuit and look appropriate and decent. And by combining the same tunic with sandals and espadrilles, you will get an outfit that will allow you to stroll even along the embankment, and not just to a nearby cafe.

Therefore, when purchasing a fashionable swimsuit, you should immediately buy a tunic or at least a pareo.

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