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They are the future

The war in Ukraine is ongoing. Every day thousands of children lose their homes, schools, their friends, and relatives, as well as means for survival.

REOriginal together with are announcing a fundraising project “They are the future” to support displaced children and their families from Ukraine affected by war.

When you buy and sell on REOriginal you already contribute to the fund of the project, since the % of every sale goes to  They are the future.

Also, every seller can make his own contribution by indicating the % of the profit from the sold item that he would like to donate.

Couple of facts:

  • ⅔ of children from Ukraine had to be displaced from their homes;
  • according to the UN, the number of children-refugees may reach 5 mln that will make the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of Europe;
  • the majority of families are left with no means for survival because of the war;
  • as of today over 67000 of children have the status of “war victims”
  • over 500 of children are heavily wounded.

Light will always conquer the darkness because we are not alone. We are not indifferent to any soul that hurts because of the war or loss.

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